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The Benefits of Forklift Rentals for Warehouse and Distribution Environments

Forklifts are powered vehicles that make it easier to move large, heavy or awkward items in a warehouse or other environment. Companies can purchase or rent various types of forklifts to meet specific material handling needs. For example, Unicarrier forklifts come in options that help you transport numerous items quickly in narrow aisles environments, or heavy-duty lift trucks that can handle outdoor terrain and heavy loads. Komatsu forklift options include electric and lp gas industrial trucks  for use in indoor environments, pneumatic lifts, and compact lift trucks for use in narrow warehouse aisles as well as high capacity outdoor industrial trucks.

Advantages of Using a Forklift:

Forklifts are used to reach, carry, and load and unload materials that would be difficult to transport another way. Typically, these vehicles are used when materials must be moved short distances. Some additional benefits of professional material handling equipment, such as forklifts, are included below.

  • In a properly managed environment with certified operators, forklifts increase overall safety. They ensure staff has the right equipment to handle each load, reducing the chance that warehouse workers will try to move heavy loads manually or via substandard equipment.
  • Forklifts increase productivity. They operate at up to 8 mph, but are usually limited to 3 mph in zones with pedestrians. That’s still much faster than manual modes of material transport.
  • Forklifts let teams access out-of-way goods. Lift trucks can quickly remove items from, or store materials on, high shelving units, letting you take full advantage of the warehouse space available.

Why Rent Rather Than Buy a Forklift?

In many cases, a forklift rental makes more business sense than purchasing new or used equipment. First, not every warehouse or distribution center requires full-time use of one or more forklifts. Renting forklifts lets you satisfy seasonal and peak needs without a large capital expense. Other reasons for renting a lift truck include temporarily replacing equipment that’s being repaired or trying out new models before you make a purchase.

Even if you constantly use a forklift, supporting the purchase of one, you might find yourself with special forklift needs from time to time. Renting forklifts for specific jobs lets you address unique requirements without collecting unnecessary amounts of industrial equipment in your warehouse.