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Mid Atlantic Industrial Equipment Offers a Full Line of Industrial Batteries and Chargers

As a Stryten GNB authorized agent, Mid Atlantic Industrial Equipment offers all of the material handling equipment, skills and experience you need to keep your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. When it comes to your forklift industrial battery needs, we offer a full range of services on-site or in our state-of-the-art industrial battery shop, and a variety of maintenance plans to fit your specific applications.

Industrial batteries, chargers and extractors

On-site full maintenance Mid Atlantic

Battery Regeneration

Industrial Battery Service York, PA

Industrial Batteries at Mid Atlantic


  • Industrial batteries
  • Industrial chargers
  • Battery extractors
  • Watering carts
  • Gantry cranes
  • Charging stations


On-site full maintenance programs and shop services:

  • Cell, cable & connector reconditioning & replacement
  • Load testing, power usage studies & battery/charger match evaluation
  • Washing, cleaning, neutralizing & painting
  • Charger repair & installation
  • Regeneration
  • Disposal
  • Watering & acid adjustments


Mid Atlantic utilizes Xtender Battery Regenerator technology to eliminate sulfation; the accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals, leading to capacity and efficiency loss in lead-acid batteries. The regeneration process desulfates and restores your batteries resulting in a quicker and more economical solution than typical repair or replacement. Our technicians can come to your location for testing and provide battery regeneration services or bring your batteries back to our facility.

  • Restores & prolongs lifespans
  • Increases capacity & run time
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Reduces costs
  • Quicker charging process & less downtime


  • Short or long term rental options
  • Battery removal
  • Battery installation
  • Pick-up and delivery service


  • Stryten GNB authorized agent
  • Industrial battery chargers and charging stations
  • Complete data tracking/testing to ensure correct sizing


Forklift and charging battery at Mid Atlantic


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Stryten GNB

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