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Renting Forklifts To Cut Overhead And Save Money


Do you run a warehouse or operate a distribution center? If so, you probably use forklifts to help move products quickly and safely. Forklifts are an essential tool to a business that has to move heavy products, but owning a forklift can also bring issues with fuel storage, maintenance and employee training. The biggest factor, however, is the initial investment in the forklift itself. If your business requires forklifts it may be a good idea to rent.

Renting Versus Buying

Forklifts are expensive machines that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The cost is multiplied because most companies will need multiple forklifts to move many large products simultaneously to maintain uninterrupted materials flow. This drives up the cost significantly. Most companies can expect to spend six figures just on forklifts. Some companies, however, may find this cost to be acceptable for day to day operation, not so much during peak season and higher than normal material flow.

Owned forklifts also require storage space which can use up valuable floor space and cut profits by reducing potential storage for products. Clearly, purchasing forklifts can be extremely expensive investments.

This is where renting becomes an easy solution.

The biggest benefit comes in the savings from simply not buying a permanent piece of machinery. Since you can rent forklifts as needed, there is no longer a need to allocate capital and floor space for the machinery.

The Bottom Line

Many manufacturers and storage facilities require forklifts to move products and raw materials. The high cost of investing in new forklift machinery can burden a company with avoidable costs and needless expenditures. Renting a forklift during peak season and periods of higher than normal material flow can be one of the best ways to cut overhead and increase savings.

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