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Industrial Battery Services

Maintenance | Repairs | Rentals | Sales

Without proper maintenance, even the best equipment will fail prematurely and increase your costs.

Industrial Battery ServicesMid Atlantic Industrial Equipment is one of the area’s leading resources for industrial battery services including maintenance, repairs, rentals, and sales. We also offer state-of-the-art battery regeneration solutions. Our technicians can come to your location for testing and battery regeneration services, or we can bring your batteries back to our facility.

Mid Atlantic offers:

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Field Service
  • Shop Servicing/Reconditioning
  • Rentals
  • New and Reconditioned Batteries

Battery/Charger Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is designed to maximize battery and charger life, and minimize unscheduled down-time.

Battery/Charger Evaluation and Repair

Our technicians can diagnose your battery and charger issues, and can make any necessary repairs in the field.

Power Use Studies

Do your batteries have the correct amount of available amp hours to operate efficiently? We offer battery load bank testing with computerized equipment to determine how well your battery will operate.

Let our field technicians determine the quantity and size of batteries and the proper charging unit that will best fit your requirements.


Keep your operators and maintenance personnel up-to-date and safe. Our training staff will show them the correct procedures for maintaining a safe environment for your battery storage and charging needs.

Repair, Reconditioning, and Replacement of Industrial Batteries

On-Site Planned Battery Maintenance Programs For Your Equipment

  • Clean and inspect (cases, cables, connectors)
  • Test cell voltage
  • Load test cells
  • Load electrolyte (acid) levels

Battery Service Repairs

  • Diagnose battery and charger problems
  • Cell replacements
  • Charger repairs
  • Charger/Battery matching analysis

Complete Battery Reconditioning Service

  • Cell replacements
  • Acid adjusting and cell desulfation with the Xtender Battery Restoration Unit
  • Cable/Connectors replacements
  • Cleaning and painting

Battery Sales/Replacement

  • GNB Industrial Power authorized service agent
  • Complete data tracking/testing to insure correct sizing

Rental Batteries and Chargers

Mid Atlantic has a large fleet of rental batteries and chargers for short-term or long-term rental needs. We offer a pickup and delivery service for all batteries and chargers. Additionally, we will assist in assuring that the battery removal and installation is done safely. Let the experts at Mid Atlantic serve as your one-stop-shop for maintenance, repair, rental and sales of industrial batteries.