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Good warehouse operations rely on a number of factors. While big ticket items like inventory, organization, automation, and tracking have benefited dramatically from high-tech innovation, another aspect of warehouse operations – cleanliness – is often overlooked in a rush to modernize.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of utilizing today’s modern cleaning systems.


If you’ve been using the same scrubber for years, you’re missing out on some time saving advantages. From larger tanks and resource saving components that keep the machine rolling, to smaller, lighter footprints that allow for easier maneuverability, today’s scrubbers are truly technological marvels. Take the CT45 automatic scrubber; it’s a compact, easy-to-maneuver machine that packs surprisingly large 12 gallon tank and even allows for tool-less brush replacement, all in a design that folds up to store. It not only saves time during use, but it also saves time during maintenance.

Consistent Cleaning

One of the problems with older scrubbers is that they rarely provide a consistent cleaning operation across the entirety of the cleaning arc. The primary reason for that relates to weight distribution. In the past, it was difficult to accurately balance the weight of various components due to a reduced number of available construction materials. This resulted in either a large, bulky machine with a lot of unused space to allow for moving the components around or a smaller unbalanced machine where, over time, cleaning surfaces would wear unevenly, resulting in inconsistent results. Today’s sweepers and scrubbers, like the CT70 walk-behind scrubber uses modern components and modern materials to provide not only a large cleaning surface area but also a properly weighted one, which results in consistent clean and wear on cleaning surfaces.


Buying a new machine does cost money, there’s no way around that. A modern scrubber has plenty of return on investment. Let’s start with the efficiency of the cleaning solution delivery system. Our machines feature a Center Flow System (CFS) which delivers the cleaning solution from the center of the brush, and that results in less solution used per square foot compared to other delivery methods. Machines like IPC Eagle’s CT90 traction drive scrubber also features squeegees that can be used on all four sides before replacement and an anti-foam sensor system which will shut off the machine before foam can damage components, which saves wear and tear and prolongs the life of system components.


No one likes injuries in the workplace, and today’s scrubbers deliver on ergonomic design to benefit the health of your employees. Take the CT100 disc scrubber. You might expect that a machine of its size would be hard to maneuver and difficult to load and unload. However, through a well-balanced design, it’s deceptively easy to maneuver, and the use of maximum-height hoses and tilting tanks means less bending and stretching for your operators. Those factors all put less stress on your operator’s back and it’s no secret that improved ergonomics lead to fewer work-related injuries and happier employees. You surely employ and monitor good ergonomics throughout your facility, why not do the same with your scrubbers?

This Ain’t Your Father’s Rider

It used to be that rider scrubbers resembled Zambonis regarding size, speed, and maneuverability. Not anymore. From the incredibly compact CT70 automatic rider scrubber to the impressively agile 1202 rider sweeper, today’s riders are the pinnacle of comfort, speed, and ease-of-use, while still delivering on all the best features of our walk-behind models. You don’t have to give up tool-less brush replacement or tilting tanks to move up to a rider. When your facility calls for a bigger machine, but you don’t want to give up a lot of your facility’s space just to store it, our riders are the way to go.

This was a quick look at some of the benefits of moving to a new generation of scrubber for your cleaning needs. When you’re ready to save time and money, and also prepared to improve ergonomics and cleaning results, all with the same machine, contact us.