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Why Forklift Rentals are a Good Choice for Third-Party Logistics Providers

For organizations in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry, customer service is everything. Your organization’s ability to retain your current customer relationships depends on your delivery. According to 3PLNews, beating the competition requires 3PL providers to improve customer service, maintain affordable pricing and adopt user-friendly technologies for client communications.

Pursuing forklift rentals for heavy materials handling can support your organization’s objectives of superior customer service and consistent delivery. In fact, forklift rentals are often an incredibly good match for the 3PL business model. Read on to learn five particular benefits of forklift rentals for third-party logistics providers.

1. Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

For many 3PL clients, pricing may matter even more than customer service, according to research by Materials Handling & Logistics. In an incredibly cost-sensitive industry, any opportunity to cut costs can result in more competitive quotes for current and prospective clients. With pay-as-you-go pricing, instead of having to invest in equipment purchase, you may be able to protect your bottom line and deliver rock-bottom price quotes to your client base.

2. Zero Maintenance Required

Forklift maintenance, like any other type of heavy equipment maintenance, requires specialized equipment and fully trained technicians. If your in-house staff has minimal knowledge of equipment maintenance and repairs, routine or unforeseen work on forklifts can cause disrupted client service or unexpected costs. With forklift rentals in the Mid Atlantic Region, your organization can access regularly maintained materials handling equipment that is serviced by expert technicians either at your facility or at Mid Atlantic Industrial Equipment’s facility.

3. Access to Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Partnering with a specialized provider of materials handling equipment rentals, your organization will have reliable access to higher-end equipment options. This can be helpful when your employees need sophisticated equipment for jobs that require the best options available. By contrast, companies who purchase equipment often find that it’s outdated quickly, and they’re left with few options for replacement due to the long-term investment.

4. A Broader Range of Forklift Options

Even highly-specialized 3PL providers know that customer needs can vary significantly. The right equipment option for one type of distribution center can look drastically different than another in terms of the needed capacity and other client-related factors. Through forklift rentals, your organization will have the greatest variety possible so you can serve your customers as efficiently as possible.

5. Zero Storage Needs and Total Scalability

While total utilization of heavy materials handling equipment is every 3PL organization’s dream, it’s rarely realistic. Demand for your services (and the associated equipment) can fluctuate drastically according to season. Fortunately, with forklift rentals, your organization has no need to pay for costly on-site storage for underutilized equipment during your slow seasons.
For 3PL providers that are growing rapidly, equipment rentals can also support your need to scale affordably. If you’ve outgrown your current facilities, you can still have access to a wide variety of top-of-the-line forklift rentals while you wait to expand your space to match the growth of your services.

Rentals Support Exceptional 3PL Client Service

As 3PL providers balance competing priorities of rock-bottom pricing and rock-solid customer service, rentals can support your ability to maintain the lowest operating costs possible while meeting every client request. By providing your organization with the flexibility to immediately scale your equipment needs as your warehouse and distribution clients’ needs evolve, you can gain an edge in a highly competitive industry.
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