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Putting a forklift fleet to proper use in your warehouse can increase productivity and staff morale while reducing Komatsu BX -IC Cushiontime loss due to accidents or safety issues. Whether you rent forklifts for your business or own your fleet, here are three ways they ensure employees get more done.

Increase Transport Efficiency

If you’ve availed yourself of forklift rentals before, you probably know that material handling equipment makes it easier to manage inventory throughout your warehouse. Human handlers can only carry so much and move so fast, making it inefficient to transport some goods, even when using carts or dollies.

In some cases, it’s impossible for people and simple machines to get the job done. Forklifts can handle much larger loads — typically between 1 and 5 tons in a warehouse environment depending on the machine’s rating.

Easier To Access Supplies and Supply Locations

You can purchase or rent forklifts with built-in lifting mechanisms, making it easier to access heavy goods stored in high locations. This increases productivity by reducing reliance on manual and straightforward machine processes. It also lets you create the most of the space in your warehouse by storing inventory in higher locations.

The ability to store on racking rather than on the floor reduces the amount of ground both staff, and the forklift have to cover when picking items or transporting them between locations. If the reduction in movement is substantial, you could even see a lower cost of operation in fuel and other related costs.

Reduce Downtime

It’s not enough to merely introduce material handling equipment into your warehouse and await productivity results. Like any machinery, forklifts provide the best benefits when your staff is adequately and appropriately trained. Operators should also be trained and certified. It’s worth investing in OSHA forklift training for any staff members that will work on these machines. Proper training reduces the chances of accidents, which in turn decreases downtime you might experience due to a time loss incident.

When properly integrated into your warehouse and processes, a forklift brings many benefits. An increase in efficiency, easier access to supplies, and reduced downtime are just three examples. If you’re looking to add material handing equipment to your facility, but aren’t sure what is best for your application, our team of educated individuals can evaluate your needs.